Mad Service Jam

Service design sprint — 2021

Global Service Jam is a cooperative gathering of people interested in fostering experimentation and developing ideas in service innovation. A global initiative that aims to extend service design, create community, and, above all, make this world a better place. 
Scope and Constraints
The design sprint consists of creating the prototype of a service in 2 days, working in teams of 4 to 5 people under an umbrella theme that is only revealed at the beginning of the event. The event itself has very few set rules other than the very restricted time.
Our Team
Team members
Agreement between the team members
Research Phase
The concept of  “The Others and I”, a very broad theme that emerged during the initial general brainstorming, was the starting point of our project.
We initially chose to direct our focus on the polarity between foreigners and the locals and started interviewing people to gain better insights on the topic. 
RESEARCH — Main theme: "The Others and I"
RESEARCH — User interviews on the street
RESEARCH — Interview debrief #1
RESEARCH — Interview debrief #2
RESEARCH — Brainstorming
RESEARCH — Brainstorming
RESEARCH — Opportunities
RESEARCH — User personas
Ideation Phase
Delving into issues of stereotypes and coexistence made us realize that the need for inclusion is not only limited to immigration but embraces many areas of life such as sexual orientation, social status, disability, and cultural differences. From here our choice of solving the issue by addressing the education in schools. ​​​​​​​
IDEATION — How Might We
IDEATION — How Might We #1
IDEATION — How Might We #2
IDEATION — How Might We #3
IDEATION — Crazy Eight
IDEATION — Value Proposition
IDEATION — Journey Map
IDEATION — Brainstorming
Final Proposal
“Open Empathy” is an interactive installation for schools thanks to which children can learn the importance of inclusion, cultural diversity, and the environment through interactive and sensorial experiences. Our main goal is to teach about inclusion and diversity on a global scale from an early age, to encourage empathy and respect.

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